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Introduction to Data Science

Offered by Jadavpur University in collaboration with Dygitech

Data Science refers to the extraction of knowledge from large volumes of data (i.e. Big Data) that are structured or unstructured, which is continuation of data mining and predictive analytics. It involves different categories of analytical approaches for modeling various types of business scenarios and arriving at solution and strategies for optimal decision-making in marketing, finance, operations, organizational behavior and other managerial aspects. This new field of study breaks down into a number of different areas, from constructing big data infrastructure and configuring the various server tools that sit on top of the hardware, to doing the analysis and developing the right transformations to output useful results.

THE MCKINSEY GLOBAL INSTITUTE has predicted that by 2018, the US alone could face a shortage of between 140,000 to 190,000 people with deep analytical skills, and a shortage of 1.5 million managers and analysts who can leverage data analysis to make effective decisions for their organizations. So it is quite obvious that existing resource along with new candidates who are interested in perusing career in this field needs to be trained.

About Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science & Industrial Applications

The Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science& Industrial Applications (PGDDSIA),a unique 12 month program affiliated by Jadavpur University, Kolkata , is an excellent blend of knowledge and practice in the field of Data Science and its industrial applications. The program is targeted for creating qualified Data Science professionals along with 576 hours of hands-on real – life project experience to the participants. The students would be well equipped with strong analytical, programming and business management skills and highly demanding and employable on completion of the program.

What makes PGDDSIA Different and Unique?

This is in order to help fresh graduates to prove they are not only academically qualified but also industry ready and experienced. Most of the time the academic records of fresh graduates is questioned by the business community; consequently the ability of the students to work independently from day one remains a concern. Our PG diploma program addresses this concern. The program has been developed in partnership with the business community and aims to give opportunities to all young undergraduates to demonstrate the value they would bring to the workplace.

The objective of this program is to make Data Scientists and not the Data Analyst.

There is a huge demand for resources skilled in Data Science. Our objective is to create a pool of talent who can meet this demand. This course is meant to sensitize students for machine learning and computational statistics applications and usage as well as provide hands-on experience with solving real world data science issues. Aspiring students will learn working with open source statistical tools like R and some very good visualization tools and techniques.

Our projects are developed in consultation with industry experts, and are recognized in the industry. The program nurtures research and innovations and gives full freedom and guidance to students to hone their talent in their own way. The program also encourages students to write articles, papers, developing software, open discussions etc. The students will learn the technical aspects of the latest technology (how technology works) and also be able to know the functional applications of the technology (how various industries apply that technology in their regular works).

The program implements Innovative Execution Methodology that allows everyone some personal attention and the chance to be noticed. It is participatory, informal, emphasize on problem-solving and demands active participation of the students. It also introduces new concepts, spurring participants to investigate further on their own and/or encourage and demonstrate the practice of actual methods. The program is conducted by the project managers having real industry experience on the topics under discussion and represents the employers who hire resources. Dygitech has innovated and adopted the best alternatives to Traditional Testing and evaluation of students that is based on independent project work and presentation at the end of each module made by every student and judged for its creativity, content & delivery.

Learning Outcomes

After completion of the program the students will be able to perform the following data science roles and responsibilities independently under the any data intensive sector and especially under Retail, Insurance, Healthcare and Financial Services.The students will execute the following activities under the supervision of domain experts:

  • Extracting data from multiple internal and external sources
  • Thoroughly cleaning and censoring data to discard irrelevant information
  • Exploring and examining data from a variety of angles to determine hidden weaknesses, trends and/or opportunities
  • Employing sophisticated analytics programs, machine learning and statistical methods to prepare data for further uses
  • Devising data-driven solutions to the most pressing challenges
  • Inventing new algorithms to solve problems and build new tools to automate works
  • Recommending cost-effective changes to existing procedures and strategies
  • Communicating predictions and findings to management and associated departments through effective data visualizations and reports
  • Conducting research and frame open-ended industry problems and solutions

The students will also be able to understand the roles and responsibilities of Business Analyst, Data Architect, Data Engineer, Quantitative Analyst, Business Statistician, and Actuarial Analyst.

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